Our Values

We Are Somebody is committed to improving the conditions of workplaces everywhere.

One Job Should Be Enough

The 40-hour work week, Family and Medical Leave Act, sick and vacation pay, and minimum wages are all thanks to the workers movements of the past. Unfortunately, many workers continue to earn poverty wages and require multiple jobs to make ends meet. With ideas like a 4-day work week and no-tip policies gaining popularity, we have an opportunity to create new industry standards through a 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights. Winning these policies will normalize more humane working conditions for all even those without union representation.

Workers’ Rights Should Be Codified into Legislation

Strengthening workers’ rights by passing legislation like the PRO Act and the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act will make it easier for private and public sector workers to organize unions and bargain for fair contracts. Passing legislation that protects Democracy like the For the People Act to ensure our government serves the people, not just wealthy and corporate interests, and that everyone can exercise their right to vote is critical to protecting all other rights.

Strike Without Fear

Supporting strike funds will give unions the leverage they need when they walk into negotiation with their employer. With the additional monetary resources that W.A.S provides to strike funds, workers can continue their fight without fear of a major setback. This additional support will encourage more workers to hold the line and stay the course during a strike.

Rebuild the Middle Class

Unions once laid the foundation for the thriving middle class of yesteryears. Regrettably, an entire generation has been denied the rewarding experience of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their fellow workers, a unifying act of solidarity, due to the pervasive ‘Right to Work’ laws that have dominated our nation. At We Are Somebody, we firmly believe in the transformative power of unions. Our dedication lies in nurturing and expanding them, for they hold the key to inevitably resurrecting a robust middle class.