About Us

committed to empowering workers

We Are Somebody is a first of its kind organization dedicated to supplementing union strike funds across the country and driving private financial support directly to workers in need. We help amplify the narrative of striking workers from the picket line to the public, educate non-union workers on the impact and importance of the labor movement, and support workers in contract negotiations so they can come to the table from the strongest possible position.

Contributions to We Are Somebody directly benefit strike funds and causes that defend workers' rights, demand racial and social justice, and advance healthcare for all.

As workers fight for increased wages, stronger benefits and better working conditions, WE provides additional amplification, financial resources, and direct action support to help secure victory for workers and strengthen the Labor movement’s impact.

Our Founder

We Are Somebody is led by Nina Turner – hell-raising humanitarian, thought leader and Senior Fellow at The the New School Institute on Race, Power, and Political Economy. She served on Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns as a national surrogate in 2016 and national co-chair in 2020. The Honorable Nina Turner is a former Ohio State Senator.

She continues to fight tirelessly to advance policy that improves the material conditions of working people across the United States of America and has also taken that message abroad to the United Kingdom.

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What We Do

We Are Somebody is on assignment to lift the poor, working poor, and barely middle class. To do this, we need all working people to understand how our struggles are interwoven and caused by the greed that is rampant in our society. With 71% of Americans having a favorable view of unions, an all-time high, coupled with high-profile victories at places like Starbucks and Amazon, the opportunity to tap into the pro-union sentiment has never been more optimal.

The working-class in America deserves economic freedom, and WE provides a vehicle to leverage their collective power across state lines and across industries. We Are Somebody seeks to build a moral political economy that is focused on leveraging that power and creating a safety net reserve fund for unions and actively striking workers.

We support working people exercising their right to join a union, advocate and negotiate for better wages, benefits and working conditions and to strike against injustices of unsafe and exploitative workplaces to secure protections for themselves and future workers.


We amplify the work of unions across the country to apply public pressure on employers, raise awareness about strikes and labor actions and raise resources through strategic media, signal boosting and short form social media campaigns during critical strike drives. Building upon recent successes like Starbucks and Amazon, public pressure campaigns led by Nina Turner and We Are Somebody will change the working reality for hundreds of thousands of households and strengthen unions across the country.

We organize in partnership to provide direct action support on the ground at the picket line. Ensuring workers on the frontlines are supported is critical to securing a victory for working families.

We fund union strike actions to supplement the wages of workers on the picket lines. We believe that all workers deserve fair, living wages, adequate benefits, and safe working conditions and no strike should be put in jeopardy because workers simply can’t afford to keep fighting.