Axios: Nina Turner launches national worker organization in Cleveland

Turner on the campaign trail in 2021. Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Read the full article from Sam Allard at Axios here.

Why it matters: We Are Somebody emerges at a popular time for organized labor and increasingly assertive tactics by unions in response to sky-high executive compensation, including the ongoing UAW strike.

Details: The goal of Turner’s organization is to accelerate that momentum by supporting union strike funds, providing resources to workers on the front lines, and spotlighting narratives to amplify workers’ struggles and demands.

  • We Are Somebody expects to raise funds from a combination of grassroots donations, foundations and institutional donors, a spokesperson told Axios.

What they’re saying: “Our goal is to ensure that the economic freedom and rights of the working class become a lived reality, not merely a point of discussion,” Turner said in a statement.

The latest: In conjunction with its launch, We Are Somebody is announcing a partnership with the Amazon Labor Union.

  • The organization will work with union leadership to fundraise and build capacity for advocacy and grassroots organizing.

The bottom line: “The true might of the labor movement is anchored in grassroots, people-driven collaboration,” ALU’s Christian Smalls said in a statement.